Rule of Rose unused weapons items03:58

Rule of Rose unused weapons items

As we all know, there is J's diary accesible through hacking. I found this video where the user access  the diary and goes through the pages. I have been able to read some of the lines, but I am struggling with the others. Do you guys think we can make an effort and try to figure out what's written in there?

This is the video> 

I have been able to read in May 3 (dates are messed up) "Yes, I shall give you a magic hiss"

Let´s try to write a transcript for this important diary! Just post whatever you can see on the  diary! :D maybe you can write half of the sentence and someone can read the other half!

I was also thinkinh... If someone has a powerful PC and can emulate Rule of Rose at 4K and hack the diary, maybe  we will have a clearer image and will be able to read it better!

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