The Mermaid Princess
Found with N/A
Find Target N/A
Location Club Room
Chapter The Mermaid Princess
Purpose Plot
This article is for the storybook. For the boss, see Mermaid Princess.
A sad, sad story about a lonely mermaid princess.

The Mermaid Princess is a storybook vital to Jennifer in remembering her promise in Rule of Rose. It is presented to her by Joshua Wilson in the Club Room along with The Goat Sisters and The Bird of Happiness.


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A long, long time ago, the Mermaid Princess fell in love with a human prince.

But for years, her love went unrequited.

Before long, she was old and decrepit, all alone even on the day of her death.

The poor, poor Princess of the Sea Kingdom.

Who'd ever want to become an ugly woman like her?

"I am yours, even in death."

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