Stray Dog List
Found with Meg's Pencil
Find Target Aristocrat Page
Meg's Notebook
Love Letter
Location Sector 13 Lift
Chapter The Goat Sisters
Purpose Has Meg's scent
Stray Dog's Notes. The following are notes on the monster Stray Dog, as described to us by the beautiful Princess of the Rose.

Stray Dog List is an item and short memo found using Meg's Pencil. It finds Aristocrat Page, Meg's Notebook and Love Letter.


He's big, strong, scarred,
loyal, talkative, cleanly,
and he kidnaps children who
don't do their chores.

Current Tasks
Stray Dog investigation:
1F Restroom

Gather notes from rumors
scribbled on walls:
assigned to Susan.


Sector 13 Lift