Rule of Rose contains an additional side quest which involves searching for extra items to unlock weapons and costumes using Brown. If the player accidentally misses a single item, they will miss out on unlockable goodies.

The Unlucky Clover Field

  • Use Bacon to find Film 8/14 in First Class Guest Sector - right hallway.
    • Bacon can be found by using Biscuit in Port Livestock Room (the room with the pig).
  • Use Film 8/14 to find Film 9/14 in Room 11 (Amanda's room, where the Butterfly Case found.-Key required).
  • Use Film 9/14 to find Film 10/14 in Men's Lavatory (Connected to 2nd Passenger Corridor-Behind the One-Leaf Clover Door).
  • Use Film 10/14 to find Film 4/14 in Men's Lavatory (Connected to 3rd Passenger Corridor).
  • Use Film 4/14 to find Film 5/14 in Smoking Room (Connected to 3rd Passenger Corridor).

Sir Peter

  • Kill the Imp wielding Baron in the 3rd Passenger Corridor.

The Bird of Happiness

  • Kill the Imp wielding Viscount in the 1st Passenger Corridor.

The Goat Sisters

  • Use Aries to find Taurus in Pantry (Connected to Sector 12 Maintenance).
  • Use Film 5/14 to find Film 1/14 in Freezing Compartment (Connected to the Sector 12 Maintenance).
  • Kill the Imp wielding Earl in the Wheelhouse.
  • Use Film 1/14 to find Film 2/14 in the Wheelhouse.

Mermaid Princess

  • Use Film 2/14 to find Film 3/14 in Engine 3 Maintenance (Connected to Sector 8 Cargo Bay).
  • Use Film 3/14 to find Film 6/14 in Engine 4 Maintenance (Connected to Sector 8 Cargo Bay).
  • Use Film 6/14 to find Film 13/14 in Sector 2 Maintenance (Connected to Sector 6 Maintenance).
  • Kill the Imp wielding Marquis in Central Stairway A.

Rag Princess Sews


Jennifer finds the Revolver.

  • Kill the Imp wielding Duke in the Sector 7 Cargo Bay (during the power outage).
  • Put all 5 knives into the gift box and obtain the Rusty Sword (after the power outage) and then put the Rusty Sword into the gift box to obtain the Knight Rapier (during the next playthrough).
  • Use Gemini to find Cancer in Sector 6 Maintenance (upper room from the lift).
  • Use Chocolate to find a Broken Robot in Central Stairway B.
  • Use Chocolate to find a Broken Robot in Central Stairway C.
  • Use Chocolate to find a Broken Robot in Central Stairway D.
  • Use Chocolate to find a Broken Robot in Sector 13 Lift.

The Funeral

  • Use Film 14/14 to find Film 7/14 in the Reception Room (Ground Floor).
  • Use Film 7/14 to find Film 11/14 in Headmaster's Room (Ground Floor).
  • Use Pisces to find Sunday in the Closet Room (Ground Floor).
  • Use Sunday to find Monday in the Cafeteria (during night time).
  • Use Film 11/14 to find Film 12/14 (during night time) in Martha's Room (Connected to the Kitchen).
  • Use Monday to find Tuesday in the Classroom (during night time).
  • Use Tuesday to find Wednesday in the Dormitory (during night time).
  • Use Wednesday to find Thursday (during night time) in the Sick Bay (First Floor).
  • Use Thursday to find Friday (during night time) in the Play Area (First Floor).
  • Use Friday to find Saturday in the Sewing Room (during night time).

Once Upon a Time

  • Get the October Ticket in the basement to unlock the Octopus costume.

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