Rule of Rose contains an additional side quest which involves searching for extra items to unlock weapons and costumes using Brown. If the player accidentally misses a single item, they will miss out on unlockable goodies.

Note that in order to find all Films, "Goat Sisters" must be done before "Mermaid Princess".

The Unlucky Clover Field

  • Use Chocolate or Bacon to find Film 8/14 in First Class Guest Sector - right hallway.
    • Bacon can be found by using Biscuit in Port Livestock Room (the room with the pig).
  • Use Film 8/14 to find Film 9/14 in Room 11 (Amanda's room, where the Butterfly Case found.-Key required).
  • Use Film 9/14 to find Film 10/14 in Men's Lavatory (Connected to 2nd Passenger Corridor-Behind the One-Leaf Clover Door).
  • Use Film 10/14 to find Film 4/14 in Men's Lavatory (Connected to 3rd Passenger Corridor).
  • Use Film 4/14 to find Film 5/14 in Smoking Room (Connected to 3rd Passenger Corridor).

Sir Peter

  • Kill the Imp wielding Baron in the 3rd Passenger Corridor.

The Bird of Happiness

  • Kill the Imp wielding Viscount in the 1st Passenger Corridor.

The Goat Sisters

  • Use Aries to find Taurus in Pantry (Connected to Sector 12 Maintenance).
  • Use Film 5/14 to find Film 1/14 in Freezing Compartment (Connected to the Sector 12 Maintenance).
  • Kill the Imp wielding Earl in the Wheelhouse.
  • Use Film 1/14 to find Film 2/14 in the Wheelhouse.

Mermaid Princess

  • Use Film 2/14 to find Film 3/14 in Engine 3 Maintenance (Connected to Sector 8 Cargo Bay).
  • Use Film 3/14 to find Film 6/14 in Engine 4 Maintenance (Connected to Sector 8 Cargo Bay).
  • Use Film 6/14 to find Film 13/14 in Sector 2 Maintenance (Connected to Sector 6 Maintenance).
  • Kill the Imp wielding Marquis in Central Stairway A.

Rag Princess Sews


Jennifer finds the Revolver.

  • Kill the Imp wielding Duke in the Sector 7 Cargo Bay (during the power outage).
  • Put all 5 knives into the gift box and obtain the Rusty Sword (after the power outage). If the player is playing on a next playthrough, the player can put the Rusty Sword into the gift box to obtain the Knight Rapier (or else the Rusty Sword will not be accepted).
  • Use Gemini to find Cancer in Sector 6 Maintenance (upper room from the lift).
  • Use Biscuit/Chocolate to find a Broken Robot in Central Stairway B. (Brown must be near it to find it)
  • Use Biscuit/Chocolate to find a Broken Robot in Central Stairway C.
  • Use Biscuit/Chocolate to find a Broken Robot in Central Stairway D.
  • Use Biscuit/Chocolate to find a Broken Robot in Sector 13 Lift.

The Funeral

  • Use Film 14/14 to find Film 7/14 in the Reception Room (Ground Floor).
  • Use Film 7/14 to find Film 11/14 in Headmaster's Room (Ground Floor).
  • Use Pisces to find Sunday in the Closet Room (Ground Floor).
  • Use Sunday to find Monday in the Cafeteria (during night time).
  • Use Film 11/14 to find Film 12/14 (during night time) in Martha's Room (Connected to the Kitchen).
  • Use Monday to find Tuesday in the Classroom (during night time).
  • Use Tuesday to find Wednesday in the Dormitory (during night time).
  • Use Wednesday to find Thursday (during night time) in the Sick Bay (First Floor).
  • Use Thursday to find Friday (during night time) in the Play Area (First Floor).
  • Use Friday to find Saturday in the Sewing Room (during night time).

Once Upon a Time

  • Get the October Ticket in the basement to unlock the Octopus costume.