Rule of Rose
Original Soundtrack
Ror cover ost
Composer Yutaka Minobe
Released September 12, 2006
Tracks 6
Length 13:00

The Rule of Rose Original Soundtrack is a 6-track promotional CD produced by Atlus, which was issued to customers from certain retailers when Rule of Rose was pre-ordered. The CD also included exclusive content in the form of wallpapers, music sheets and a promotional video.

The musical score was composed by Yutaka Minobe, who also composed the music of Skies of Arcadia and some tracks from the Panzer Dragoon Orta soundtrack. The entire score was created without electronic instruments - most of the music was produced by musicians using string instruments. According to the game's developers, the music was intended to bring a human element to the atmosphere in the game.


  1. Bullying (2:06) - Also known as Aries
  2. Ambient Music for Strings: "Fear" Part II (1:28) - Also known as Aquarius
  3. The Attic (2:46) - Also known as Pisces
  4. Backbiting (1:56) - Also known as Leo
  5. Piano Etude I (0:53) - Also known as Friday
  6. A Love Suicide (3:51) - Also known as Libra

Missing songs

The soundtrack is missing much of the music from the game. The majority of the missing music can be found on the records:

  • Taurus [1]
    • Plays when Jennifer is being carried away in the coffin at the end of "The Little Princess" chapter.
  • Virgo [2]
    • Does not play during the game.
  • Scorpio [3]
    • Plays when Jennifer explores the orphanage in "The Little Princess" chapter.
  • Sagittarius [4]
    • Plays during "The Goat Sisters" chapter.
  • Capricorn [5]
  • Sunday [6]
    • Plays when Jennifer confronts the Aristocrats in "The Funeral" chapter, and during a Game Over.
  • Monday [7]
    • Plays when Jennifer is exploring the Airship for the first time during the "Unlucky Clover Field" chapter.
  • Tuesday
    • Plays during the Good Ending of the game.
  • Wednesday [8]
    • Plays while Jennifer first spots a butterfly in the "Unlucky Clover Field" chapter and during the "Sir Peter" chapter.
  • Thursday [9]
    • Plays during the "Mermaid Princess" chapter.
  • Saturday [10]
    • Plays when Jennifer encounters the Imps for the first time in the "Unlucky Clover Field" chapter, and during the Stray Dog boss battle.

Two pieces of missing music cannot be found on the records:

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