Meg's Notebook
Meg Notebook
Found with Meg's Pencil
Find Target Aristocrat Page
Stray Dog List
Love Letter
Location Sector 12 Maintenance
Chapter The Goat Sisters
Purpose Story
"Margaret's Little Book" A secret notebook cherished by Meg.

Meg's Notebook is a memo and item found by allowing Brown to follow the scent of Meg's pencil during "The Goat Sisters" chapter. Meg reads from the notebook to announce the start of each Red Crayon Aristocrat Club meeting, and it is possibly another sign of her perfectionism and determination to remain flawless.

It finds Aristocrat Page, Stray Dog List and Love Letter.


The cover of Meg's notebook is covered with drawings of flowers, and has the words "Margaret's Little Book" written on it in red crayon.


The first page of Meg's notebook is the table of contents, and lists the chapters:

  • The Prince and the Princess
  • Aristocrat Club Manners
  • Meg's Invention Corner
  • Findings on the Land of the Imps

The Prince and the Princess

"Aristocrat Manners:"

  • "Lesson 1: Curtseying"

There is a drawing of Joshua the Bear with the Princess of the Red Rose sitting next to it. She is being curtsied to by another girl.

"Aristocrat Manners:"

  • Lesson 2: Hosting

"-Words of the Princess of the Red Rose-"

"Jennifer... Your work this month deserve special recognition. You managed to find Peter, and will be amply rewarded."

Meg's Invention Corner

"Torture Chair: Spinning Chair"

The schematics of the chair are shown, as well as the drawing of a sitting person looking very much like Jennifer. This is most likely an invention of Meg, designed to punish the members of the Aristocracy in need of discipline. The possible method of the chair may be to spin the person around in a chair until they experience nausea, and therefore, torture.

"Torture Bag: Song for an Onion, Onion Bag."

This is possibly referring to a bag in which the children would trap someone, and then on, pour an array of disgusting insects into it. The next page states:

"Secrets of the Land of..."

The final page appears to have been torn out of the notebook. On the back of it, it reads:

"Playroom: Following the popularity of airships, the orphanage built several..."