Horrible Imp

Horrible Imps are the main and most common types of Imps in Rule of Rose.

They are seen on the airship and in Rose Garden Orphanage, cleaning up blood and, occasionally, bodies.


The Horrible Imps vaguely resemble children, with distorted faces and bodies. They are completely white, and wear black clothing. Some Imps are occasionally seen with paper bags over their heads.


Game Over Rule of Rose00:44

Game Over Rule of Rose

A Horrible Imp killing Jennifer.

Many Imps attack with weapons such as brooms and knives. They tend to swarm Jennifer in groups and jump on her, latching onto her. If Jennifer is being strangled by an Imp, wiggling the analog stick will get them off faster and lessen the damage. Some Imps will attempt to bite Jennifer, while others simply clap their hands in excitement.

In one instance, in the Sector 8 Cargo Bay after obtaining the Blue Butterfly during "The Clover Field" chapter, four Imps can be seen cleaning the floor in unison. In the "Sir Peter" chapter, knocking on one of the Imp's bathroom stall doors will result in the Imp knocking back.


See: Imp#Symbolism


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