Hoffman's Diary

Hoffman's Diary is seen in The Funeral and Once Upon a Time chapters on his desk.


The Funeral chapter

November 1930
The children are spreading rumors about a killer named "Stray Dog." They say, "He comes at dusk under the cover of darkness and devours the children he kidnaps."

Disturbingly, the rumors seem to be motivated by the recent disappearances that have the public in a panic.

However, I've found that the rumors I use to get the children to do their cleaning are working splendidly. The orphanage is spotless, I'm such a clever teacher.

Once Upon a Time chapter

2 March 1930
Recently, the children have been engaging in odd activities and spreading disturbing rumors -- rumors about creatures that come after children who don't clean up and stray dogs that kidnap small tots... It's all very bizarre.

16 August 1930
Today, I was busy catching up on my work, when Clara came by to offer me a hand. I guess my teaching paid off. I was grateful for her kindness. In the wee hours of the morning, she was still working, so I gently took her to bed.

I can hardly believe it. My little Clara, bless her heart, is already 16 years old.

She tells me she wants to stay in the orphanage and help with the daily chores. Maybe I should seriously consider the offer. Tomorrow, I'll discuss it with Martha.

24 August 1930
This is simply inexcusable! My precious koi is gone. The children must be responsible. I won't stand for this. Where is Diana? What's she been up to? My opinion of her will suffer because of this.

11 November 1930
I'm leaving the orphanage.

Clara's here to look after things, and the children are quickly growing up. I've done right and fulfilled my duty.

...Bloody hell! All the trouble started when that wretched child arrived... I've done nothing to deserve this!

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