Film 8/14
Found with Chocolate
Find Target Film 9/14
Location First Class Guest Sector
Chapter The Unlucky Clover Field
Purpose Used on film reel
Film Can No. 008.

Film 8/14 is one of fourteen film canisters in Rule of Rose. It can be used on the film projector in the Cell of Pleasure, which is in the basement of the Rose Garden Orphanage.

It is the first obtainable film, and can be found, using either chocolate or bacon, in the First Class Guest Sector right hallway. It can later be used to find Film 9/14.

It contains two FMV sequences from the "Rag Princess Sews" chapter, including the one where Jennifer finds Amanda and Joshua the Bear, and the one where the Red Crayon Aristocrat Club accuses her of stealing it, and she is attacked by Imps.